Cymbal Gigs


As we watched the replay of the university concert at the famous Meyerson Center in Dallas last month, I can’t help myself but be in awe of the amazing talents those students have when it comes to singing and playing their instruments. I don’t know what my daughter feels about it but she has exclaimed she wants to play the cymbals! I am afraid she might want a set of the hi hat cymbals because that thing is not inexpensive. So I told her to focus on the piano and trumpet for now and we have extra budget, I will try to set aside something to buy a cymbal. I don’t want them to limit their abilities and potential while they are young so we will see.

Birthday Devotional


Today, I turned 30 years old plus 4. Haha! I know, I am getting older and older each passing year. Who doesn’t though?

I am very grateful for today as I am every March 28 of the year. I don’t have the luxury of time to go out and spend my birthday in an extraordinary or fancy way because as a matter of fact, I will be in bed pretty soon as I just got off work a couple hours ago. So yeah, I worked on the eve of my birthday. And tonight, I have a class to go to, the very first day of my Phlebotomy program. Isn’t that exciting? I am one busy birthday girl, yes!

However, this devotional today is worth sharing. Shortie but goodie.

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Today, I entrust to God all that I am and all that He desires of me I will accept and follow. Life is about believing that it is lived best and in its fullest when the Creator Himself is the Master Guide. Thank you, Lord, for this birthday!