Valentines 2017


So how does my Valentine’s Day go? Restful. And full of sweetness.

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I didn’t really ask for a dinner out somewhere because it was my second day off and I just wanted to rest and get more sleep to recover and be energized again to resume working tonight so something sweet to supplement my sweet tooth just made the celebration enough. Anyway, every day is Valentine’s Day with my family so there is really not a need to be eventful.

So, I am thankful I have rested. My housemates got me a boxful of Dunkin Donuts, and a bonus of my favorite living orchid. And then lots and lots of hugs and kisses. Having my two girls and my husband is enough. Having material blessings is more than enough. I am blessed and I always thank God for His provision.

Happy Hearts


The skies are gloomy over the weekend and we missed going out and about on my dayoff because it was cold to be out and I was having sinus allergy attacks. Nope, it wasn’t a fun weekend but a very restful one nonetheless. So, even if we haven’t gone somewhere as planned, still, hearts are happy to be just home.

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We have several blooms inside our house and the orchid is my favorite! It is almost a year old plant as I got this from my birthday last month. I would want another one this year and my housemates already promised me one. Lol. Yep, I would prefer a live or growing flower than the ones in a bouquet or vase as they won’t last.

Hey, it is February and we all need to have a happy heart, despite the odds! 😉