Selecting Sunglasses for Every Occasion


Shades are just as much a part of fashion as shoes and clothes. Selecting a pair that shows off your personality and fits your style means having more than just one pair. Selecting the proper sunglass eyewear takes careful discretion. Think of the occasion and think of what you will be wearing, then check out your shades collection to find the ideal look.

Classic and inquisitive
Rounder eye frames create an inquisitive look. The classic style of sunglasses from the 1960’s captures this engaging and fresh expression that makes you look curious, intellectual and creative. These sunglasses go well with casual wear including a comfortable pair of jeans and an untucked paisley shirt. Think John Lennon. Try Ray Ban round sunglasses to achieve this retro fashion look.

Too Cool
For that stunning cool like that we think of when we generally think of sunglasses, go with oval elliptical eye frames and reflective lenses. Make a big impression when you walk into a room wearing these aviator style sunglasses. These style sunglasses make it always look like you just dismounted a motorcycle. Think leather-bound outfits. Sleek and handsome. From a distance, they evoke strength and confidence. Up close, anyone only sees themselves in the black reflective lenses…very intimidating. These sunglasses are great for creating a daring look at parties and other social events.

Approachable and Warm
Not all sunglasses create the hidden self. Some great, stylish shades use decorative frames and broad lens shapes to express fun, engagement and joy. Sunglasses in the style of the Ray Ban Wayfarer are perfect for pool parties and barbecues. They accent a warm smile and go well with cargo shorts and Hawaiian shirts. Anyone wearing Wayfarers looks like they should have a tropical drink in their hand with a brightly colored paper umbrella peeking from the glass.

Flatter Your Face Shape
Don’t forget, whatever sunglass frame style you select, that it should accent and flatter the shape of your face. Take a good look in the mirror. Is your face rounder, or narrower? Smaller frames help with rounder faces. Narrower faces need broader eye frames. Just a tip to make sunglass selection easier and fun.

To start your sunglass collection, cash in on these savings first: Great Ray Ban Deals. Then you can start selecting the styles of frames and the eye frame shapes that fit all the occasions that make up your lifestyle.

Keeping Your Kids Safe While Playing Outside


There are some parents today who refuse to let their kids play outside without adult supervision because they worry about someone attacking or even kidnapping them. Even if you are a little more relaxed, you probably still worry about your kids becoming injured or hurt while playing outside. They can fall down when chasing each other and fall in a hole, hit their arms or legs on a piece of equipment or stumble across a beehive. As a parent, you can inspect your lawn regularly and make your yard safer for your kids.

Inspect the Yard and All Equipment
Before you let your kids run wild through the yard, you should do a simple inspection of your own. Check any of the toys or equipment that you have in your yard for broken pieces like bent metal or busted springs. Examine the sides of your home for any nests or hives that are home to wild animals and insects. You’ll also want to look over the yard for any holes that kids can fall in and for any hazards that they can trip over.

Install a Fence
Installing a fence is one of the best ways to protect your kids and keep them safe when playing outside. With a chain link fence Tampa residents can keep both their kids and their animals from escaping outside the yard and running down the street. If you want more privacy, you can choose a privacy fence that features wood panels that are at least five-feet tall. No matter what type of fence you pick, make sure that it has a latch kids cannot easily unlock and that it lacks any holes they can slip their heads into or bodies through.

Implement a System
As a parent, it’s important that you teach your kids some basic safety tips. They should know what to do if confronted by a stranger and where to go if someone tries to touch them. You can also implement a system that your kids can use both in your yard and when visiting friends. This system might work like a buddy system, which ensures that kids stay together and do not become lost. Your system can include a safe word that only you and your child know, which keeps your child from following a stranger who claims he or she is your friend. Using any of these tips will keep your kids safer when playing outside.