Persimmons as early as September


For the second year now, we are enjoying some Persimmon bounty from our organic backyard. It actually is a little early this year to be harvesting and enjoying the fruits of the husband’s labor but hey, why not? This tree is one of the 20 Persimmon trees we have and this is the most abundant.

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When I looked back to four years ago, that is, before we moved to Texas, I never could imagine that we would be growing Persimmons and other fruit trees here in Texas. Of course, we didn’t know that God would bring us to this place. All we did was prayed and asked and He provided. I think wherever we are, the farmer in us will always come out. Our dream before was just to be able to plant Moringa and lemon grass but after living here in Texas, we were able to plant more.

God is good! All the time!

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