Wet Basement? How to Keep Basements Dry


The basement is an often underutilized area of your home that is essentially wasted space because of its damp nature. Did you know, however, that your basement doesn’t have to be damp? In fact, basements shouldn’t be damp, and a wet basement is a sign that something isn’t right. Furthermore, wet basements can lead to serious problems in the rest of your home. The good news is that you don’t have to live with a damp basement.

Tend to those Gutters
Gutters and downspouts play a vital role in redirecting water away from your home. When the gutters are damaged, missing, or clogged, there is no were for the water to go then against your home’s foundation. And once it’s there, the water will seep into your basement. That is why it is important to regularly inspect the gutters and downspouts, and replace, repair, and clean as needed.

Get the Right Paint
One of the best basement waterproofing Buffalo NY tips is to apply water-resistant paint to the interior basement walls. Moisture and condensation can begin to buildup on the basement walls, and painting them with water-resistant paint will go a long way to preventing this from occurring.

Watch those Plants
The plants you have growing around your foundation may actually be causing water to accumulate around that area. This excess water will have nowhere to go accept into your basement. Landscaping experts usually suggest that the ground slope away from the house. Doing this will prevent water puddles from developing near your home’s foundation.

Insulate the Pipes and Vent Appliances
Those pipes running through your basement are developing condensation, which leads to dampness in your basement. You can help prevent this from happening by covering the cold water pipes with inexpensive and easy to install pipe insulation. You should also make sure all appliances that are in the basement are vented outside. For example, dryers create an excessive amount of humidity when they are running, and that damp air is going directly into the basement if it isn’t vented outside.

Open Windows and Run Fans
While this won’t prevent your basement from becoming damp, it will help dry it out while you take the other steps to prevent the problem. If possible, open all the windows in the basement and run several fans. Make sure not to leave the fans running unattended.

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