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The way we approach any given situation is often framed by how we’ve seen it done by others. We are taught by example and sometimes we lose our innovation and creativity by being caught up in dogma. However, all it takes is a simple realization that there are many different ways to accomplish a task to get those creative juices flowing again. It is the creative spirit that has been the fuel behind many inventions and solutions to major problems. All anyone needs to do to embrace their creative spirit is to understand that just because something has been done before or thought of before doesn’t mean it can’t be done again in a totally unique and inventive manner. For example, we could find a unique new way to deal with water damage houston.

Recognizing Trained Thought Patterns
The first step on the way back to creativity is to recognize the thoughts that have been ingrained in us through consistent systematic teachings. Not all of these thoughts are bad. In fact, many are positive. Consider how we are taught to brush our teeth daily and say hello and thank you. These are all trained responses that become automatic pretty quickly. However, when we slow down and become mindful of our hours, seconds, and minutes, we give ourselves an opportunity to examine many of these unchallenged long held beliefs and practices. We may find that, upon closer inspection, we don’t believe many of the things we’ve been taught. Conversely, we may find that we do believe the things that we’ve been taught but for different reasons. However, this can’t happen until we slow down enough to take a close look at things.

Be Willing to Challenge the Status Quo
Unleashing your creative spirit takes a certain amount of courage. We have to be willing to accept that some long held belief may not be true. This may be disruptive to family life and could alienate you from friends. However, regardless of the outcome, your commitment to authentic truth has to be greater than your fear.

Putting the Wheels in Motion
Sometimes, rediscovering your creativity is a solo path that may take you away from people rather than pull you closer. You may find that you have a difficult time meeting like minded people. Many people may not understand you. However, you must be grateful that you understand yourself and be willing to stand in your own understanding, even if it means that you will be standing alone.

Many of us live our whole lives and never experience what it’s like to witness and enjoy an original authentic choice. We often live as we’ve been taught to, not as we are truly meant to. This is why it’s? worth reconnecting with our authentic selves to begin the journey back to who we really are.

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