Do you need an interface?


Do you have any Do-It-Yourself project that you intend to finish as soon as possible? Well, when it is a musical thing, let me ask you this next question: do you need an interface? Because if you do, I will have to recommend to you to check out usb audio interface at because they will help you decide if you really do need an interface or they will help you figure out what kind of an interface you need.

A Benefit Concert


One of the most memorable things we did last April was being at the Heritage Singers Concert at Keene Church. It was absolutely fantastic especially that we watched it as a family and enjoyed every song they sang.

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What I loved most of all is that how these singers didn’t ask for anything to support them but just prayers. So, the amount gathered during their offertory song was actually collected for the missionaries that will go to a Communist country to spread the gospel.

As usual, the Heritage Singers did great. It even seems like it was just yesterday when I listen to their Christian songs from back in the 1990s. So, that night was definitely one blessed night for me and my family!