Snow-free January!!!


I was notified by my Facebook memories that 4 years ago, this what what our scenario:

That’s right! Back in the frozen tundra aka Wisconsin particularly Stevens Point where we have dwelled for over 5 years, snow on the ground scenes are from November to March or April. So yeah, every last day of January is still full of snow!

BUT, not here where I live now! Yay, Keene Texas! As a matter of fact, yesterday was in the 60s and I had my car on an AC setting because with the sun shining brightly, it was already hot especially for my Wisconsin-born-4 years old!

Today, it will be in the 50s and because it is SNOW-FREE, I can’t complain! We were out in our backyard yesterday afternoon and the Apple tree is already starting to bud. It signals Spring is just around the corner. Yes, I am happy with the Texas winter most definitely!

Percussion Instruments


While my older daughter is into string instruments, the little one wants to play the drum! Yes, she was wanting a set of drum and was asking me if we can get one for her. I have a feeling that she will like hand percussion instruments because of her want for a drum. Well, I don’t really mind and I am fine with her playing the drum or any hand percussion because they are still good musical instruments. I think hand percussion instruments are very interesting. They help create really great musics when played along with other instruments. I say so based on seeing and listening to the university bands and singers at church. The conga and the bongo is the most common hand instrument that I see as part of a band. I will show my little daughter these kinds of instruments and asks her what she likes most.