44/365: Heart Muffin Day!


Going online to mind my virtual homes has been such a drag this past couple of days. I may just be home alright but whenever I sit in front of my computer, I get too lazy logging in to my dashboards because I get stuck at Facebook and in checking my inbox in four of my most used e-mail accounts. So, when there is no task to be posted that’s almost due, I usually will just leave my blogs unattended. Relate much? Ha ha!

Today, the older daughter has been asking asking me what special thing or effort she can do for Valentine’s Day. Aside from making crafts, she wants to bake something, or help me bake something. Since I want everything to be done in a quickest way these days (LOL), I let her find something in the Baker’s Rack that she might want to prepare. She presented to me a box of the ready mixed lemon cake.

Our output? Lemon muffins with one heart-shaped:

It’s yummy of course! Good enough to start the Heart’s Day tomorrow! 🙂

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  1. Lainy says:

    You’re a real expert in baking, Sis! I am so green with envy! Can that be shipped over here? Patilawa pud ko beh! LOL!

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