27/365: Polar Vortex Part 2: No Class Cancellations


A-Snap-A-Day 2014

Today is the second week of Spring semester. Guess what, it is also Part 2 of the Polar Vortex– a freezing event that what meteorologists call as dangerously cold days. I woke up this morning to a very frigid temperature outside, and I have wished that the classes at the university will be called off so that the husband won’t have to endure the prone-to-hypothermia freezing condition. All other states affected by this cold front have already cancelled school activities and I was expecting for the same thing here where I live. Thankfully, the Stevens Point District of Public School did issue a notice that schools in elementary and highschool will be cancelled, but at the university, this was their latest posting:

UW-Stevens Point
3 hours ago
COLD WEATHER UPDATE: Dangerously cold weather is expected through Wednesday morning. At this point, UW-Stevens Point will remain open for business, and classes will be held.


Lucky POOR husband! Lol. With how cold it is, even if he could cancel his classes he still chose not to. So, off he headed for class on a minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit Monday morning!

Life is beautiful here in the frozen tundra with all the beauty of the snow surrounding us. But life is definitely NOT easy when you have to brave the freezing temperature every day!

UWSP Administration Building

A photo I took of the UWSP Administration Building as we drove along Main Street last week.

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  1. sos, halaka no?! negative kau…kurog man pod ako apapangig sa katugnaw ana dapita…nice kau ila admin building ay…mura ug mansion.

  2. avs says:

    Di na jud ng negative ui…20s naman gani, murag musurrender nako…

  3. emzkie says:

    katugnaw man dyud dira karon Cel no? grabe this year oi. hayz.. kapoi kaau ilakaw. sakit sa nawong ang hangin, maau untag dili windy ba kay ma agwanta pa. sus ang hangin kay murag ice makatusok.

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