Saving Money: From Home to the Real Bank


It is December 24th and guess where this kiddo is headed?

To the BANK! To the real bank bringing with her her electronic money jar!

Yep, after I was able to finally open a kid’s savings account for her and little T last week, today, I tagged her along on my visit to the bank to inquire something. And like I’ve just said, she brought with her her electronic money jar because we thought that the coins are better saved in the bank to earn some interest than having them stuck in the jar for months and months and not earning any dividends at all.

Triz’s excitement to finally empty her coin jar was high. She has been wanting to start over again even though this time, her parents are already so broke and are not sure if there are still coins that we can give her. Ha ha ha.

Of course, I took a snap of the ‘Before’ and ‘After’ scenario of the money jar.

After the teller emptied the jar and let the machine counted everything, the total amount of the pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters that Triz has saved in over a year was $127.98. Since we had to evenly divide it to two savings accounts (hers and the little sister’s), there was an amount of $63.99 deposited to each just from the money jar.

Since we won’t be able to fly home to Philippines next summer, the money is better saved this way so that there will already be even a little interest earned a year from now. I actually regretted why it was just now that I really pulled myself up and opened their own savings account. Nevertheless, it’s better late than never, right? At least I can say to myself that we are ending this year just right, money-saving-wise!

358/365 BPC

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  1. betchai says:

    yay, so happy for Triz and Tiara, this post brings down memory lane for me, I believe I was as happy as Triz too ( though I felt I was the happiest kid on Earth then) when my mom opened a savings account for me in the bank too, what joy it was that hooked me into saving. 🙂

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