I Love Walgreens Deals!


I was sent an e-mail yesterday by Walgreens informing me that I am personally being given a 2000 Balance Rewards points for any total amount shopped within yesterday and today. Every 1000 points is equivalent to $1 reward. I didn’t want to let the opportunity passed by without me taking advantage of it so this afternoon, I drove to our nearest Walgreens and tried to find something worth my moolah. Well, there were a whole lot of stuff by the Clearance section and I actually had a great time shopping not one, not two, but a total of 11 items. There went the impulsive shopper in me! Ha ha!

When I was done paying, I said to myself, “I love Walgreens deals!”

Why not, when I get to shop stuff at a discounted prices and still earn some dollars back! If you are not a Balance Rewards member yet, go make yourself one. It’s free and awesome! 😀

I bought a badminton set, a lawn mower toy, a glass pitcher, those trendy drinking glasses which you can carry with you on hiking and travels, swimming goggles, and a kids’ steel folding chair which is a set of two in a box n sale for only $5 (original price is $20)!

…Tiara loves her new chair and Ate’s!

Everything is on clearance prices and I only paid a total of $19.24 for all 11 items. I accordingly saved a total of $47.17 and I sure am a happy shopper! 😀

232/365 BPC

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  1. Jessica Cassidy says:

    Awww! Baby Tiara is so cuteeeeeeeeeeee Tita Jess miss yah Langga 🙂 Mommy Rcel, that is an awesome deal pero layo lng kaau ang Walgreens sa amoa man 🙁


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