That Favorite Part of the House

People have different parts in the house which they could refer to as their favorite. It’s one they would love spending time in. The clock could continue ticking away second after second, minute after minute and yes, even hour after hour and they would not mind it if they are in this choice corner of the house.

For people who love entertaining guests or just lounging it out, relaxing in a comfortable sofa and talking to loved ones, they would count the living room as their favorite spot. Some of the women’s eyes will even light up when they talk about their living rooms and the kind of furniture and decorations they have there.

For those who love to cook, certainly it is the kitchen which they count as their favorite territory in the house. And they would make sure that their kitchen is orderly and as complete as it can be, having all the furniture and appliances needed for them to prepare the dishes they love.

Some would of course count the dining room, the bedroom and yes, even the bathrooms as their favored spots in the house. The dining room is where they can bond over food with their loved ones and guests. The bedroom is the place not only for rest but for privacy and some of the introverts in the world would count the bedroom as their best refuge against the ever-talking family they find themselves in. As for the bathrooms, this is the best nook for those who not only love a shower but for one who also finds a kind of solitude and privacy within its walls.

What about you? Which part of the house is your favorite?

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