…and MIL Turned 70 Years Old! Yay!

Yesterday, August 9th, was a very special day for Ma-in-law because she celebrated her birthday. And yesterday, she turned 70 years old being born on August 9, 1942. Isn’t that amazing? Such a remarkable number, really!

And with her presence in our lives, we praise and thank God for the gift of long life to her. Our hopes and prayers include more happy and healthy years for her because we know that more years of her will make her shine her light towards her fellowmen even more. Ma-in-law is one of the most faithful person I have ever known and I am truly blessed to become a part of her life. I thanked her each day for being my husband’s mom, because despite the flaws, I can never ask for someone perfect for a mother other than her.

Triz and I baked her a chocolate cake yesterday and I made a special puto cheese, too, which we made as the cake where the candle was put on for her to blow.

The puto cheese to make you drool! 😉

Simple the celebration may have been, I can tell that we made Ma-in-law so happy yesterday so that’s all that matters.

Simple but meaningful celebration!

It’s always a special reason to be thankful and happy when one celebrates a birthday. In our part, yesterday, when Ma turned 70 years old, we were so thankful for the gift of life. And I wish I can reach such age myself, with a healthy body and a sound mind just like MIL right now. 🙂

To all that greeted her at the photo I have posted over at Facebook, thank you very much!

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