When WI Pinay Friends Visit

So, what usually takes place when Pinays get together? Picture taking! That’s right! So when few Pinay friends came and visited me last Friday, I didn’t mind smiling at the camera with them, even with my huge and ugly face, because these girlfriends are so cool and nice to be around! 🙂


It was an impromptu visit actually. The fact that I and my husband are both Filipino, we don’t mind impromptu visits here at our humble abode. It was just Melds, Te Eve, and me who planned to get together Friday afternoon to cook some Binignit since it was Melds’ off from work and she and Te Eve just live closed to us. However, when Ate Nora from another town asked me where I got my Malunggay plant after seeing the photo I uploaded at Facebook, I offered her a couple of seeds which she can get if she’s interested. She was, and so I told her that Friday afternoon would be perfect since we will be making Binignit. Sure enough, she came Friday afternoon with four more Pinays! And then, we had a great time at my kitchen, at my very small and simple (pinobre) kitchen! 🙂

L to R: Te Eve, Ana, Ohlie, Ate Venus, Ate Nora, Melds

I sure enjoyed their visit. As usual, endless laughter brought by those funny chats are always the highlight. I had them indulged in a typical lunch that we usually have here at home– rice with Tuna soup, Monggo nga gulay, atchara for appetizer, the fried chicken that they brought, the sweet treats that they brought, too, some ice candies that are still in my fridge, and then, this uber yummy binignit that we feasted on:


 …and these ladies had a happy tummy that day! 😀

Busog smiles! 🙂

That visit of theirs was their way of seeing me before I give birth. They have been planning on giving me a Baby Shower party but because our schedules won’t match these days, they just agreed to have the party once Baby #2 is here. I am sure that will be more fun!

I love how these Pinay friends enjoy our very simple abode every time! Makes them feel very much at home because of our typical Visayan dwelling– pinobre kaayo, plus all typical foodies in my kitchen! 😉

194th of the 204/366 BPC

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  1. emzkie says:

    lami dyud kaau kung ang mga pinay mag tapok tapok, daghan kaayu ma chika ug hastang lamia ang pagkaon. =)

    ready na imong 204 cel. hehehe.. akoa pud. lol!

  2. jheylo says:

    two of the loyal 366 BPC participants and hoppers (cel and emz) hhehehehe. anyways, nice gyud btaw mg get together mga pinay samot na ug bisdak magtapok kay mgkasinabtanay gyud samot na sa food hehehhehe.

    thanks for joining 366 BPC

  3. emzkie says:

    hahaha katawa ko sa comment ni mommy Jhey lo. lol. bisita ko diri balik cel for BPC.

  4. Jessica Cassidy says:

    yay! kabibo jud kaau basta mga Pinay Momi Rcel magtapok…aguy kalami sa tabirak wa na nako natilawan sa Pinas 🙁 Dropping by from BPC.

  5. In-in says:

    Nindot jud ni magtapok tapok labi na naay yummy nga mga foodies. Unya sagulang ug bisaya nga language. Ai ka dugay maghuman. BPC hopping here friend.

  6. Bless says:

    I love get together jud kay ang foodies ug ang chika magbaha hehehe. I miss eating binignit cel 🙂

    Visiting for BPC! Doing some catching up 🙂

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