Our Growing Malunggay

Our potted plants of Malunggay, Lemon grass, and a few flowers surely keep us up in the morning and evening. The husband always goes outside every morning to check on them and in the afternoon, all three of us would enjoy glancing at them gleefully. The other day, one of the 8 pots of our growing Malunggay already grew to be this big:

Our one-month-old Malunggay plant

And we are very pleased, of course!

I can only hope that this will survive on us every day until winter and beyond. Yesterday, we bought a sack of a Miracle Gro potting mix because we can tell that it really made the soil abundant in vitamins as seen on the pots where we have used a few from the two sample packs I received. All I can say is, the husband and I look forward to harvesting them soon! :))

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