Random Midweek Thoughts

It is already May, eh? When I think about how fast time flies by, I always am amazed! I’m like, “Heck, we shall be getting really old real fast!” LOL. Which is true, right? Like right now, Philippine time, it is May 3rd already and it is my oldest sister’s 47th birthday. I’m sure I’ll miss another family get-together once again, but I am positive that they all there will have fun despite the odds and crisis.

Saw this photo of my niece’s birthday cake at my other niece’s Facebook account and I can imagine how it tastes like right now. Man, I do miss EVERYTHING yummy back home, including cakes! Lol.


I have a few friends who are enjoying the Philippine breeze these days as they spend their weeks of vacation there and what do you know– I am but envious! The positive envy, of course! I wish them a great time while being there and good luck to them on their last day there as they come back here in the US. I’m sure it will be a challenge dealing with the sadness. Ha ha ha.

I’d really love to be home right now in Philippines, but we can’t. Hopefully, next year, we could, God willing! 🙂

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