When in Orlando, Orlando Hotels!

We’ve checked in to two Orlando Hotels in the summer of 2005 on my first and last Orlando visit. I said “my last” because since then, there hasn’t been any Orlando trip that happened to me and my family. I was checking out Orlandoescape.com site a couple months ago because we almost made it to vacationing there for a week during the husband’s Spring break. However, my pregnancy sickness didn’t cooperate, so no Orlando trip got pushed through.


Orlandoescape.com is an Orlando hotel specialist! That means a list of all Orlando hotels you can find from them. If you are planning a family vacation or getaway to Florida and Orlando is your main destination, you can’t go wrong with the site mentioned. There are so many attractions in Orlando. The Disney World is just one of them, as well as the Universal Studios. At the latter, I got a very sore feet and legs when we spent a day walking around the entire area. It was tiring but definitely enjoyable and memorable.


If you’re wondering what else is great to check out in Orlando, the video below will be a good clip to watch. It’s absolutely worth your moment, especially if you’re bound for an Orlando trip soon!



You can also check out Orlandoescape.com’s Facebook page and follow the latest offerings and promos.


As for me, hopefully, next year will be a convenient time for an Orlando vacation. With two daughters in tow, I’m sure the place will be perfect to have fun and more!

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