BPC #11/366: Blocks

My BPC #2 was about the blocks which I purchased for my daughter that day. And which she insisted not to buy because she doesn’t like it. But then played with it when we reached home. 

AND… she laid everything on the floor in our living room when she decided she wanted to come up with something out of it. And because I warned her beforehand not to make mess, she promised to make something that will leave our floor clutter-free.

That is, by creating these:

The first one, she said, was the Sanctuary based on how it is described from the Old Testament. I was surprised to know that that was what’s on her mind when she made this. I truly have a girl right here that has knowledge of the Bible! I give credit to the Dad who is a frustrated Pastor. Ha ha ha!
This second one, accordingly, is just an unfinished house made of bricks. She got tired building it up so she didn’t finish it and just placed all the pieces inside since she promised for a clutter-free floor! 😀

I couldn’t complain of how obedient this girl is! She does what she is told, and she does what she promised to do. I can only hope that she grows to be obedient even more. She promised again that she will, especially that she is now a big sister. She said she wants her baby sibling to be looking up to her so she should be a good example.

I couldn’t ask for more….

Linking this to the 366 Blog Photo Challenge!

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