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It’s wintertime! Can you feel it? Well, Thanksgiving Day is over, and I am sure that most of you, if not all, have already started decorating your home to make it feel so Christmassy now! For me, no Christmas Tree has been up yet, although the little girl around here has been asking for one so she can help in putting up all the decors that we have. But before that, we need to do some home upgrades and makeover first, so that when the New Year starts, there will be no problem whatsoever with the wintry cold.
What the providence window replacement offers is exactly what I need to have one spot of our living room looks like this:



That’s because my workplace is in our living room itself so yeah, a relaxing workplace like this with a double hung window harvey vinyl will surely be a wonderful place for me as I deal with my works at home.
With my new all-in-one PC positioned in a sleek and simple desk like the picture above, online tasks will never be a burden at all. Right now, our living room window has old blind curtains in it, plus a fabric curtains, too, but as I think of the upcoming makeover that we should be doing before the Christmas decors will be put up,  I have decided that I’ll prefer a simple atmosphere like this one.
So, Christmas has started in your home now? I bet. But if it hasn’t yet, and you need to do some makeover first, might help you!
Disclaimer:This post on providence window replacement is sponsored!
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  1. Susan Hirst says:

    That window is beautiful. It lets so much light into the room and gives it a very cheery look. I’ve been wanting replacement windows for a while and I would love windows like this.

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