Senior Care

My goal to become a professional in the health care industry is currently put on hold. I haven’t even scheduled my state examination to become a Certified Nursing Assistant but that isn’t out of the list of course. Soon, soon, when the thing that I am waiting shall be here, I will definitely go ahead and take the exam so I can apply for work at this nursing home that I have been eyeing for. 
Health care professionals at an nj senior care is doing a wonderful job in their caring towards the residents. 

The picture above actually reminds me of my 3-week-stint at the Portage County Health Care Center when I did my practical duty there for the course. I actually loved my time shadowing the Nurses and CNAs and I have learned a lot from that 14 days of training. It made be become so ready more than ever to work as a Certified Nursing Assistant. It is the first step that I am taking to finishing Nursing degree, and although slowly, time and effort can bring me there. 
As for finding a senior care in New Jersey, if you are trying to, the new jersey elder care by the Visiting Angels is worth a recommendation! The Visiting Angels provide the care and comfort that your elderly folks need in our out of the nursing facility. There is more to what I have mentioned so care to visit their website to know more of what services they are offering. You will not regret putting your parents or grandparents at the care of the health care professionals who value seniors at all times.
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  1. Grace Watson says:

    You should definitely keep pursuing your nursing career! There are never enough nurses or senior care practitioners out there who are truly passionate about what they do. Keep it up a little at a time, and you’ll get there!

    Grace Watson |

  2. Zeda Jackson says:

    I believe that senior care can be a great option and solution especially for family members who don’t have time to take care of their grandparents. My grandmother has been living on her own for a few years now and she has become more fragile. It worries me that she lives by herself! I am going to talk to her about doing something like this so she will always be assisted.

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