Toner Cartridges

I run our of ink in my printer! Too bad because I need to print a couple cards which me and the daughter made for our Daddy and the daughter’s granfather for Father’s Day this coming Sunday. I can’t buy printer toner cartridges online because it would take me several days to have it, but I sure will buy some online for future needs because doing so saves me a bit more than buying it in store. For now however, I shall head to the store and grab one so my printer works again. There are photographs and greeting cards that I need to print and the daughter is so eager to have them all printed as soon as possible.

I can’t blame her because she is one thoughtful little girl! She was the one who initiated customizing greeting cards on any occasion and I am just so proud of her for being so thoughtful and sweet!
To all fathers who come across this site of mine, I hope you have a great Father’s Day!
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