Going for a Nursing Assistant Class

was trying to apply for admission at a technical college here in town for my Nursing Assistant or CNA class. I have to earn a certificate for it in order to pursue my Nursing degree. Working in a senior home care could be an option if ever I’ll be done with the class. It’s a matter of going for a personal concierge or staying firm and true to my nursing dream. I am still on the first steps so I’ll take things one at a time. I treat working in a nursing home as one very special and noble job. I think the elderly need so much more time and care and they deserve that, given the long years of sacrifice they’ve done when they aren’t that old yet. I don’t know about you, but for me, I wish to just stay at home whenever my time would come. If not, a nursing home like the aged care sydney would be fine, as long as there’ll be good people to value me as a person! 😉
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  1. Julia says:

    I agree with you, nursing is a really important job. I think you should stick with it and get that nursing degree. There are plenty of great home care companies out there that hire good heart-ed and hard working people like you. It really is a noble profession and I think you could contribute a lot to the field. We are actually looking for a home care agency to help us out with my grandma. I hope we find on with employees that care as much as you do.

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