craving for that yummy spaghetti

Which one? The jollibee spaghetti! Yum yum!!! It’s what I have been dreaming to eat the past several days. But it’s just impossible to happen! Swithart offered to order and take out some from Biaggi’s, an Italian resto but I refused. I feel like I still won’t like the taste. It’s just not the kind that my tastebuds have been dying to eat. My sister-in-law who is now enjoying her Vegas life never fails to have me drool over her jollibee, goldilocks, and chowking meals which I absolutely envy but then again, those are just so impossible to have right now. Swithart suggested I’ll just make some, after all, for him and for the dearest toddler, “my spaghetti” is the yummiest and the best! Haha! You don’t believe so? Look how Triz gave her sign of approval!

Fresh from a plate of a just-served-spag! Now I gotta go and find the stuff I’ll be needing to make some. If I am lucky enough to have everything that I need, I’ll spend some time in the kitchen today to make some!
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  1. Ritchiela says:

    Approve na approve!

    Bitaw cel,pwde man pod ikaw palit ug spaghetti sauce pinoy style Filipino store diha.Kundi, adtoa to Daisy bisitaa,sure lagi naay Jolibee didto.Sus kung na timingan pa lang nga ako ang crew anang JObee nila didto sus ko,magsegi ka ug balik unya.BEE HAPI:D

  2. Shawie says:

    hahaha! sure you can make one _Pinoy version:) my husband would just laugh at me every time I’ll tell him that spag in PI is a dessert:) you only need a Del Monte spaghetti sauce (the rest of the recipe can be found in any market, I think)…
    we’re lucky to have Jollibee around but I’m craving for kinilaw as in!!

  3. Merydith says:

    Ahhh approve jud uy. It makes me think I can probably bug Papa to make some for us hehehe if makakita ko sa mga ingredients diri. Ka cutie ni Triz uy food critic naman diay ni.

    Warm diha karon? Nanggawas ang taytay ug kiko.

  4. Umma says:

    Hahaha I guess you can make one Mommy Rez..lucky for us we have Jolibee here but I seldom go there bec its expensive especially the chicken joy..KFC is more cheaper hahaha.

    Also I noticed that every pinoy resto here are so expensive.. well, maybe I was just trying to convert it to peso hahaha.. but seriously, chinese food is more cheaper than pinoy food.. in my opinion..

  5. lira says:

    wow yummie jud kaau labi na ang filipino style.

    sis, BSLIS ko. Tma ka nga nice jud sya nga degree. Dali ra makakita trabaho.

    Lamat sa bisita diay. Ngats!

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