have you been fined?

Yeah, I feel like asking here if you have been fined for something you haven’t really done or you’re not supposed to be getting. This is because I have my case to defend. Well, it’s not really a big amount, but it’s the idea or the reason behind it that I couldn’t take. The story of the matter is: our family’s account at a public library here is being fined $8.50 for a DVD that was returned very late. The problem though is that the DVD that’s said to be what made the fine is one that is never familar to us; in short, we never borrowed. Aside from that, there never was a time when we didn’t turn in on time what we borrowed- be it books, CDs, DVDs, or any other media. When I asked for the date of such transaction, the database recorded it happened during the time when we were away for our vacation. I insisted there must be wrong with their record because not only does the DVD showed to be not our type or genre to be borrowed but the date of when it happened was even more irrelevant. Of course no one else uses our library ID but only me and the husband so it’s totally a bummer. Well, I expressed how crazy I found it to be but we were just told we don’t have to pay for it unless our fine will reach $10.00 and we still won’t pay. That time, we won’t be able to borrow anything anymore. Swithart said he’s gonna pay for it when he feels like and I said it’s totally unfair and I won’t pay for it! 😀 What do you think?
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  1. Utah Mommy says:

    Wala pa mi kasuway ana Cel kay dili man mi tighulam sa library labaw na kong way panahon sa libro maong hinay ug utok lols. Bitaw wala gyud ko hilig books bisan pa sauna. Ug sa DVD pod, si bana iya na paliton di sya ganahan mo rent kay nag collection sya ug mga DVD.

  2. jennyr says:

    i think u shouldn’t pay for it and fight about it. speak to the higher authority, if u really want to fight for it. kase yung iba misrecord lang yan o di kaya katangahan sa uban dba? so dli masakpan kinsa ang nagtinanga ana, at ur expense pa gyud? although gamay lang na nga kwarta basta the truth is dli kamo nagborrow dba, so why pay for the fine, it’s all about what’s ur principles in life cguro. maybe ur hubby just didn’t want trouble and stress kaya i can understand nga gus2 niya bayaran nalang, aron walay samok pod…

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