Grand Orchestra Guitar


Have you seen the Taylor Limited Edition Grand Orchestra Acoustic-Electric Guitar in Pacific Blue? Oh my, it is so gorgeous! I am just afraid to show it to the husband, the daughter, and the Father-in-law because all of them are into guitars a lot and this one that I am talking about costs a few thousands! Ha! I don’t know what’s with this guitar why it is so expensive but I believe it brings out the best guitar sound, don’t you think?

If you want to know more about the Taylor brand for guitars, they left this message to be shared: Learn more about us at

Feel free to check them out and indulge yourself into a great quality acoustic-electric strumming! If you are a guitar lover, this one’s especially for you!




Where I live here in Texas, rain rarely happens. But when it does, it usually is a scary storm. And it is no fun of course hearing the loudest thunders, seeing the eye of the lightnings, feeling the strongest gust of winds, and seeing the biggest rainfalls.

I have a few snaps of the scenes just before the storm.

At the SWAU ground
SWAU ground

See how dark the sky is? The light is beyond the horizon and although it is, it is outdarkened by the stormy clouds. Looks so scary to me!

But I am glad the storm is over! For now.