Hello July!!!


Well, the seventh month of the year is officially here! That is– July. And it is my favorite month since I became a Mom 10 years ago.


That’s right, July is a celebration for me and my husband because both of our daughters are born on July, four days after July started and 4 days before it ends. Thus, these two girls are a joy that make our July ever so special!

So what is in store for us this month? We shall see. It is only the first day so for sure, there will be a lot more things to happen. One thing is for sure though, there will be memorable events to make for my two special kiddos. Hopefully, God will make all things I anticipate to happen possible, with His guidance.

How about you- how special is July for you?


Guitar Packages


My daughter has officially finished his first year of Piano Lesson. She is into guitar lessons in between but there is no formal education as it is just her Dad who is teaching her the basics. I would say this oc1 or the guitar packages from musiciansfriend.com will be something that is relevant to her and us, if we desire to really have a wuality string instruments for our little learner. Well, as her birth month has just came, may be something that is of interest to her will be a valuable gift. I asked her what she wants on her birthday but this Fourth of July celebrant of ours only wants a 4-layered-cheese pizza and for her piano be tuned! I think it is an easy plea, reason why I shall give her more than what she asked.