Floor Makeover Day 2


I know it’s been quite a while since I first posted about our floor makeover project but because I got real busy and haven’t updated you with anything, here is my second photo on our 2nd and 3rd day of the project:

I will have to say that my husband has done a really excellent job considering that he only spends a couple of hours or three every other day. You see, my husband works Monday to Friday but on Tuesday and Thursday, he doesn’t have classes in the afternoon so pretty much it is just on those two days that he can allot a few hours doing the project. That’s why I am raising my hands for his awesomeness! Lol.

Actually, as of this date, we are already done with our living room and our two bedrooms. we only have our master’s bedroom left to work on. Our interior looks is still a work in a progress though. How our living room looks like right now is not snap-worthy because I still haven’t gotten the chance to arrange and organize everything. Hopefully, soon!

Meanwhile, I am very happy of our project’s output. My husband did most of the job, like 99 percent of it, and so I am a very proud and happy wife! :)


How was your Cyber Monday shopping?


How was your post-Thanksgiving shopping experience, friends? I am asking such question out of curiosity because if you ask me, I haven’t shopped a thing! At all! You see, I made sure to use my 5 days off more beautifully and we did go to Houston, did a 5-hour-drive, and spend two days at the beach! So, no shopping for me but more of like making sweet memories with my family. We still spent, but we did so wisely.

I was gonna do a cyber monday shopping yesterday but I got so occupied with the Pharmacology exam I had on the very Monday after Thanksgiving week that I didn’t bother checking for what’s good and cool. Anyhow, the husband has mentioned a headphone extension cable that he wants to use and I am not sure if this is what he needs.

See, I am not the techie person at our household! I am fine with just using my computer and browse the world wide web and mind my sites but when it comes to technicalities, it is definitely my husband’s thing. So, I will have to ask him if this is what he needed because its price right now is still on a Cyber Monday or Black Friday price so I better hurry!