The Thunderbolt Guitar


Okay, this is so exciting! We went to a store today that sells musical instruments as the husband and I were planning on getting our daughter a new violin so she can play with it while we wait for her to start with her violin lesson and the exciting part about it is that we went to the store with my Father-in-law! Well, the next thing I know, when we were inside the store, is that she was already in the guitar section checking out the sales and discounted items and was actually able to find one that he was so interested in getting! Was it the thunderbolt version? I don’t really know but he was so into it that he didn’t want to come out of the store without it!

Well, he actually was able to go out because he wasn’t able to pay for it as the amount he needed was not in his pocket but in his wallet left at home. Thus, we have got to schedule another time in the soon future to go back to the store. Thing is, it is about 30 minutes from where we live so let’s see when we can go back and get him that most desired guitar.


Living Kalamansi, Finally!


It has been a dream of mine, for a long time, to plant my own Kalamansi (Lemon) and pick fresh fruits from its very tree for my own consumption. Well, since we got here in Texas five months ago, we have managed to germinate a lot of seeds from the fruits we opened for juicing but nada, everything failed. I even thought the green thumb in me has long been gone already and so does the husband because even the ones he tried germinating, still, to no avail.

So, when Ate E, a dear Filipino friend of ours whose house is in Houston, TX but is staying here in Keene because of her daughters to go to school here, told us that she has lots of plants that her husband has grew and she will give us some, I was so excited. Sure enough, she did bring a giant pot from Houston with over 10 living plants in it! You can imagine my soul in a cloud 9 when I saw it!

I mean, can you blame me? Lol. I have been wishing and even dreaming to grow my own Kalamansi and now it is coming real!

I am so happy for this and for the kindest gesture that Ate E and her husband have shown us. Indeed, I feel so blessed! I can only pray and hope that I can tend to these plants till they bear fruits for me!