Window Blinds Makeover


It finally is summer and it’s time to do a lot of makeovers! Home makeovers in our own home and in other people’s homes! That’s right, the husband has been contracted to do a lot of little makeovers in at least two homes this summer and until I won’t get done wit my summer class, he can’t get started since our schedule is pretty hectic with him watching the kids while I am gone. Well, this week is my final week of summer class so he can start with his summer job then!

Last Winter break, he did the window makeover at Ate L’s home. We changed the old window blinds to a beautiful vertical blinds and put a fan-shaped covering on the window as well. Left is the before and right is the after photo of one of the husband’s job last winter break.

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Didn’t he do a good job?

As a wife, I say, he did. Lol. Ate L was overjoyed to have her window blinds made over the cheapest possible way. That’s because she didn’t pay for the labor that much like how she would had she asked a professional to do it. Plus, we shopped for the blinds ourselves through “my” expertise with online shopping so the cost of at least 10 thousand dollars was reduced to only $1,500 in all of her 20 windows via the husband and I. It was our help to her and she was so delighted.

This summer, she wants her house repainted and there are also some carpentry works that are needed in her ceilings and walls. The husband will be helping her with it and we can’t wait to see the outcome again.

Summer is indeed makeover season for us. Since we are still broke, no vacations just yet. Lol.


Home Remodeling Considerations


There are plenty of good reasons to consider home remodeling and room additions, especially if your family is feeling a little cramped for space or you need the extra room for a home office. If your children are getting older and you have always dreamed of providing them with their own bedroom, installing an addition can help you avoid the expense of having to move to an entirely new house. Some homeowners choose to install a sunroom for a bright, spacious retreat to read a book or entertain friends, and others add a solarium which gives the room an indoor garden ambience. Here are some questions you can ask that will help you identify if installing an addition is the right choice for you and your family.

Will it Increase Home Value?
In most cases, remodeling a portion of the home will increase the property value. However, depending on the type of addition you choose to install, some returns could be significantly higher than others. For example, adding a second-story addition might yield better returns on your investment than adding a sunroom addition. Identify your primary needs first, then research which addition type will add the most increase to your home.

Will it Enhance Curb Appeal?
Adding an addition might be more challenging than you might think, mainly because it has to tie into the existing elements of your home so that it looks like it truly belongs. In other words, you would not add an extra room directly in the middle of a rectangular-shaped house or the end result would be an eye sore. Many aspects must be considered beforehand, such as the finishing materials, the heating and cooling aspects, how electricity will be sourced and how many windows will be installed.

How will it Affect Your Finances?
In addition to determining your budget for a new addition, you must also consider how much the addition will increase your utility bills and how much it will increase your property taxes.

After you have considered each of these aspects, the next step is to consult with a professional. A contractor will be able to explain how each step of the process will work and how long it will take to complete the project.