A Sleek Electric Guitar


This is such a beautiful prs s2 electric guitar!

I am not buying it actually but I am just saying it looks so sleek and so neat that my musician daughter, when she saw it, loved it and asked if she could have her own electric guitar. Well, she has two acoustic guitars right now and she is into piano lesson and so I told her to be serious in her music lessons for now so that when I can see that she is ready enough for another brand new of musical instrument, I am very willing to get her one, per her choosing.

I sound so be spoiling her but that is just how it works for me. We make a deal, work on it, and once it is accomplished, promises are being fulfilled.

For now, it will just be a window shopping for us for this sleek guitar.

First Ever Recital


The year that just passed has been one great year for us! It marked our second year in Texas and so far, it brought us a whole lot of sense and blessings as well as fulfillment and happiness. Regarding school and extra-curricular activities, it is my pleasure to tell the world that my 9-year-old daughter has conquered the Wharton Auditorium stage for the first time as a performer when she did her first ever piano recital.

I was definitely a proud Mom that time!

It was only her third month on piano lessons and so far, so good! Now her piano and music teacher at school has offered her to do other instruments starting this year so she could play in the orchestra as well. I am not sure if a rotary trumpet would be fitting but she is interested to try new things so we will see. As we embark on the promises and fulfillment this new year will offer, I am praying that we will make it with graciousness and equal ability to share to others what we are blessed with.

I say, bring it on, 2016!