Tips for Approaching Loved Ones with Sensitive Observation


When you are close with a group of friends and/or family members, you notice when something just isn’t right with them. You notice when something is just “off”. But, how do you approach your friend or loved one when you think they need help? First, it is important to just observe for a little while. You will notice in conversations and when spending time with them when the right time is to address your concerns.

Take Notes
When you notice something, write it down. Taking notes helps you notice a pattern of behaviors that are different. It is important to be discreet when taking notes so that it does not affect your behavior toward your loved one.

Ask how they really are
Instead of the traditional “how are you?” consider asking, “how are you really doing?” or “what’s really going on?” This hints that you notice something is off. It also tells your loved one that you are there to listen and that you care. Asking how someone really is often gets him or her to open up, even if it is just a generalization of the situation, it is still something.

Slowly Incorporate your Observations
Once your loved one has opened up a little about what is troubling them, slowly bring up a few things that you have noticed about them recently. Doing so tells your loved one that you pay attention. Try to be positive when bringing up your observations and choose your words carefully as using the wrong language can cause an extreme situation to occur.

Gently Voice your Concern
You may notice that your friend or loved one has been depressed and down on life. Talk about it with them. Ask them if they have ever thought about harming themselves, as this is something that can be associated with depression. But, you have to know how to tell if someone is suicidal before bringing up that question as it may offend your loved one. Most commonly, those that are suicidal are irritable, close themselves off from close friends and family, lose jobs, and start having problems with drugs and alcohol.

When you approach your loved one about a sensitive topic, offer support — even if it is just a friendly shoulder to lean on. Those dealing with turmoil in their lives need a support system as it helps motivate them to fix the problem and break its control over their lives. Take your loved one somewhere that you know makes them happy to have a private chat.

Hello July!!!


Well, the seventh month of the year is officially here! That is– July. And it is my favorite month since I became a Mom 10 years ago.


That’s right, July is a celebration for me and my husband because both of our daughters are born on July, four days after July started and 4 days before it ends. Thus, these two girls are a joy that make our July ever so special!

So what is in store for us this month? We shall see. It is only the first day so for sure, there will be a lot more things to happen. One thing is for sure though, there will be memorable events to make for my two special kiddos. Hopefully, God will make all things I anticipate to happen possible, with His guidance.

How about you- how special is July for you?