MIL’s 73rd Birthday


Yesterday was my Mother-in-law’s 73rd birthday. I know, such a blissful number for a birthday it is because she remains a cheerful and healthy individual all through those years! We didn’t have something grand for a party but in our hearts, we do celebrate her life.

We had fun despite the excruciating Texas heat because we headed to Fort Worth Stockyards and had a great time enjoying the place for the first time. Triz has been there before for her school field trip so she served as our tourist guide. We had tons of photos taken and was able to make beautiful memories for our dear mother’s 73rd birthday. It may be a really simple one but it was one filled with happiness and thanksgiving.

Thank you Lord for the gift of life!

Line 6 Pod


We are looking forward to the third Saturday of the month when we can do a visitation to two Nursing Homes here in our place. When we do that, we get to bring with us our guitars and sing songs to the residents there and every time, it brings smiles to their faces. There is this line 6 pod that my daughter has been talking about which she said can be a great tool or prop for a home studio. I don’t know what it does but I was curious to check it our because my musically minded 9 years old is so into it. Sure enough, after finding out what it is, I realized that this kid of mine has the potential! She wants a guitar multi-effects processor which I kind of consider to be like a multi-layered organ where you can play the keys but have the option to use any other kind of instruments. I can’t clearly describe it but she is so into it after seeing our friend who is an expert in music and musical instruments and now I am given a fair warning of what to think or consider when it comes to giving her something for a present. This line 6 pod guitar processor can be it.