Foam Factory


We needed two sets of sofa, a bunk bed, and a King size bedroom set when we moved in to our newly-purchased house two months ago. If purchasing those stuff online was an option, I believe would be a huge help. I actually wished that we lived close to a foam factory as it wouldn’t have cost us much to purchase those products at a furniture store which required a delivery charge for all things that will be delivered. Oh well, I can be smarter next time, you know! Since my husband is a handyman, he can build stuff himself and we will just buy the materials. So, with just a DIY on a bed, a foam purchased online can be a good thing.


My Husband’s Girls


The older daughter captioned this photo “Daddy’s girls”.

Lucky “Daddy” for being surrounded with girls, eh?

I seldom takes photos of us now where we can be together in one snap. See, my two daughters are not into poses and snaps anymore! I know, right? Such stage is one that we- shutterholic mommies, don’t like to go through! So, my thing is to click that shutter whenever these two girlies are spending their time with me just fussing around and tickling each other. And yes, that picture above is one of those moments!