Will we ever get used to these Texas thunderstorms?


Less than two months to go and we we will already mark the one year of our Texas lifestyle. Yes, we can now call this place our home now. We have our own house, our new friends who are mostly family to us, and new sets of professional connections. We have lots of plants now and a backyard tended into an edible garden. We can’t trade this off with anything else that other places offers except if it God who will tell us to leave. Well, amidst everything that we now love here in Texas, there is one thing that I think I shall never be able to learn to love: the thunderstorms and tornadoes.

A couple weeks ago, we have experienced the scariest tornado warning here in Keene. That was the scariest by far. And no, I don’t wish for another one to happen again even if my wish is not really guaranteed to be granted. Two weeks ago, the path of the thunderstorm was really in our place. We live about six miles from Cleburne and the very middle of this red part of the dopplernet map is where we are. Imagine the fastness of heartbeat we all were executing that night!

Apparently, this is something in Texas that everybody is not so happy at all. If only people here can shoo tornadoes away, that would be really wonderful. But people can’t, so the best thing to do is to just prepare for it and prevent anticipated damages when it touches down.

Like I said, everything has been fun and awesome with our Texas lifestyle. Except for thunderstorms. And tornadoes. What can I say? We can’t have the best of both worlds, eh?


Guitar Capo


One particular musical instrument prop you can find in our home is a guitar clamp¬†or guitar capo. That’s because it is very needed whenever my husband or Father-in-law plays the guitar when we do a performance somewhere. So, if you you are wondering if this piece of musical prop can be a good present for anyone in our household, then yes, it is.

Photo grabbed from Musiciansfriend.com

We recently have gotten our piano which is a pre-owned and it is an addition to our musical instrument collections. My family definitely is very musical and since we have growing kids, the husband and I are into letting them be in music lessons as they grow because we want them to be able to play musical instruments which is one of our biggest frustrations, especially me.