Spring Break Was as Cool as Halo-halo


YES! Our Spring break, despite being so stormy and we got stuck at home most of the week, was still a cool and awesome one! Even as cool as this halo-halo that we enjoyed indulging on the very first day!

Drove to Arlington on the very first day of the one-week-break and dined in at Cocina Elena at the Hong Kong Marketplace. Of course, the halo-halo was a treat for a great first half of the term! Hopefully, the next half will be even more awesome especially for my schoolgirl.

Here we are, absolutely loving our Daddy’s treat!

We may have only gone to one place last Spring break and the storm may have prevented us from roaming around; still, that full week of study-free was wonderful! I did work though, but the times I spent home with my loves was definitely priceless.

How about you– how did your Spring break 2016 go?

Music in Spring


The upcoming days are going to be filled with music for us as our daughter is into a few of concerts and recitals. I am starting to look for a cello online because she has expressed her desire to play one by next year and be a part of the orchestra. I was sidetracked to read this el34 tube reviews as I was in the process of comparing products and prices online and yet again, there are two leading websites that are worth checking out.

Well, this month was the scheduled Music Festival at the Meyerson in Dallas. We didn’t go because I was scheduled to work that night. Hopefully though, next year we will be able to go and see our daughter in the big orchestra or choir. Next month, it will be a Spring concert for my daughter’s school and then in May, it is her Piano recital. Told you, our Spring season will be filled with music and I can’t be more thrilled with it!