Orchid Bloom on my Birthday


I got a lovely Orchid blooms last week on my birthday. Am I a happy camper? I sure am!

My birthday was last week and my housemates definitely showered me with lots of love and thoughtfulness. I already told them not to get me a flower because I don’t want blooms that will just die on me after a couple days or few more. And then, my smart 8-year-old daughter said, “How about that lovely flower that’s in a vase? They won’t die but will stay alive the whole summer!”

Indeed, my beloved daughter! And so, she and her dad, when they went to Lowe’s. got a vase of an orchid that she was sure her mom would like.

Sure enough, I was so happy to accept it!

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And I really had a nice and fun and memorable birthday celebration last Saturday, March 28th, because we drove to a farm house in Lipan, TX and spent a great time there with our newly met and found friend who we feel was like a family to us. I do have a lot of beautiful stories to tell on my recent birthday, but the time is not so kind to me right now so until then, thank you for your visit here! ;-)


Guitar Strap


My father-in-law, once again, purchased a new set of guitar. It his his 7th guitar here in the US and he is one impulsive buy when it comes to guitars. Since he is old and finds happiness in such thing, we stop him not in what he desires, after all, it is what makes her happy and it is not a bad additction. Also, he uses his own money when impulsiveness strikes so we can’t really control him on it. Well, I asked if he loves his new favorite instrument and he affirmed it except for one thing: that it doesn’t have a strap yet. I asked him if he wanted a guitar glove leather strap and he responded positively.

Since we haven’t thought of what to give him yet comes Father’s Day, that may be what we’ll just get him. No difficulty and no worries that he might not like it because we feel like he needs it. So, we will see! There are Italian leather guitar straps at musiciansfriend.com that are just affordable so it the cost shouldn’t be an issue.