Apple Orchard in Texas


Well, I NEVER thought we could grow Apples in Texas!

But, look at what we have now! And it has only been barely two years since we moved here but we are now having an “almost” Apple Orchard. Almost because we planted quite a few trees but only one so far has bore fruits like crazy! See this?

Apples in Texas

That is still a tiny tree, as you can see. Its main trunk is as small as my 9-year-old daughter’s arm. The branches that have fruits in it bowed down because of the weight. It is so beautiful to look at but is worrisome when it storms because of the gusty winds that sometimes crush the tree. Thank God none of the fruits fell when it stormed the other night and the wind was at 55mph.

Anyway, hopefully the other trees will be like this by next Spring. They have fruits right now but not as attractive and as many as this one. For now, we are very grateful for this soon-to-be yield. God is good!


Like Everything Cozy?


When we still lived in the frozen tundra, I liked everything cozy. Cozy Winters Reviews website has become a constant read because I like to look up for reviews first before I buy something. Having a family, I don’t only buy cozy things for myself but also for my husband and children. Clothes and blankets particularly, which are very relevant during the winter. When we moved here in Texas, summer season is so hot and lasts so long that I can’t think of coziness at all except when winter comes. But then, who doesn’t like anything cozy, right?

From robes to sweaters, PJs to blankets– name it, they are what we want to be cozy. If you are like me, then you would know what I am talking about!