Nivea Cream


OMG! I finally found the kind of Nivea cream that I have been looking for! The german nivea that I have used when I was a teen because it was what my sister who used to work in Switzerland sent me regularly for my skin.

Nivea Cream

When I got here in the United States, it was the first thing I looked for during shopping for personal supplies and beauty products. I was dismayed that I never found this one. Yes, there are a lot of Nivea products here in the United States, but this one that’s German-made is so different. It is so suited for my skin. I actually recommend this for anyone to try. As for me, I will be getting my own stocks ASAP because I am happy I finally found this.


My Valentines


How has your Valentine’s Day been, friends? As for me, I had a great time! My daughter came home last Friday with lots of goodies from school– from her classmates, teachers, and friends. Most of them were candies and some were pretty special souvenirs that are worth keeping.

If you ask me about my Valentine’s, I have these two:

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Aren’t they the sweetest? They both look so beautiful to me. And their sweetness and thoughtfulness not only during Valentine’s Day but every day of the year melts┬ámy heart like how a chocolate melts in a warm surroundings. I sure did have a remarkable Valentine’s Day. And today is only Sunday, so I am sure there will be lots of sweetness ahead of us still.