Thanksgiving Break 2016


We sure had a blast on the second weekday of this year’s Thanksgiving Break. It is a pity that we are just stuck at home, unable to go out-of-town for some fun adventure as a family but we will try to find a way to enjoy and make memories even if we’re not able to go somewhere. I work come Thanksgiving Day thus the reason we can’t travel somewhere.

We only had to drive around Dallas – Fort Worth area and that’s exactly what we did yesterday as we went shopping in Arlington.

There is not a lot of good deals to take advantage because it is not Black Friday yet but we were able to find what we were looking for so that was what matters.Tomorrow, we are headed to Fort Worth for the husband’s pre-eye evaluation checkup for Lasik. We’ll see if the girls and I will have a chance to hit Hulen Mall while waiting for Daddy at the doctor’s clinic.

I work on Wednesday and Thursday night so yeah, Thanksgiving will be spent at the hospital with my Patients. Hopefully, we’ll have some feast there as well. Lol.

How about you guys– how’s your Thanksgiving Break so far?


Top 5 Online Degrees for Stay at Home Moms


Are you a stay at home mom looking to build on your domestic skills with a degree that could lead to employment outside the home? Read on to learn about five online degrees that can prepare you for a job using skills you already have.

More likely than not, if you’re a stay at home mom, you are the unofficial family bookkeeper. You have experience with budgets, searching for deals, and saving for a rainy day. Why not use your money management skills as a stepping-stone towards a degree in accounting? You’ll learn budget planning, tax law, and everything else you’ll need to run the financial side of a business. With your degree, you will be qualified to work as an accountant either as a full-time employee or as a freelance accountant, working on your own time.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation
While staying home with the kids, most moms come up with tons of new ideas for how to simplify life around the house. Whether it’s an invention that simplifies the messy process of feeding toddlers or an idea for a new home management app, moms have the inside edge on these types of inventions and business ideas. To boost your chances of business success, earn an online degree in entrepreneurship and innovation. You will learn the laws and principles surrounding the founding of a new business, giving you a leg up on the competition.

Food and Nutrition
One of the many hats that stay at home moms wear is that of head nutritionist. You have probably already learned a lot about nutrition in the process of trying to feed your family healthy meals. If you find the subject interesting, consider earning a degree in the field to become a certified nutritionist. This will prepare you to work outside the home in the health care field for private industry and government positions, as well as helping you do an even better job feeding your family.

Social Work
Social workers are the parents of the world. They take on the tough job of caring for the well-being of children and families in need. Many women who choose to become stay at home moms have a strong desire to care for others, making them a natural fit for the field of social work. Earning your social work degree online will prepare you to help the world by advocating for its most vulnerable citizens. To learn more about careers in social work, visit this website hosted by Case Western Reserve University.

Conflict Resolution
Managing the competing desires of small children is a tough job, and may have prepared you better than you realize for a degree in conflict resolution. A degree program in this area will prepare you to mediate and prevent conflicts by understanding their underlying causes. Many degree programs include peace studies along with conflict resolution, where students learn about the conditions needed to achieve and maintain peace between people, companies, and even nations. Click here to learn about ways you can use your conflict resolution degree.

Whether your interests lie in nutrition, finance, or the business world, there is an online degree program out there for you. These are just five ideas to get you thinking – there are many more. Choose one that fit your interests.