Another acoustic instrument for the daughter


Today has been one long but definitely productive and rewarding day! We spent it at Professor V’s house because the husband was hired to install the vertical blinds in all her windows and because my husband is not a professional in it, it is like a nice DIY project for us. Because Professor V was impressed with the job, she rewarded us with some cash and gave the daughter another acoustic instrument that will be added to her much-desired musical instruments. What did she get? Not the epiphone acoustic but a ukelele that she brought as her souvenir from her Hawaii vacation a couple years ago. It just stayed in one of her rooms dusted and unused so when she learned that Triz is learning to play the guitar, she, without hesitation, handed down her ukelele to Triz adding that she wanted it used and not just stays somewhere covered with dust. I actaully am so thankful for the present. It meant more than the money she paid for the husband’s well done job. Lol. And for that, I want to say, Thank you, Professor V!


Guest room


After Ma and Pa-in-law left us and flew back to Las Vegas today, fresh from the airport where we brought them for their DFW-Vegas nonstop flight, I then cleaned the room that they occupied for over 5 months and did a quick makeover to make it look nice and presentable as a guest room.

I think it is all good now so I can say, Our guest room is now open for visitors and guests. It is not like the 5-star-accommodation, alright, but I promised you for a warm home with fun people in it to accommodate you. Just let me know. Lol.