Guitar Fingering Chart


The daughter has told me early this week that she is going back to the serious guitar learning pretty soon. That is, after she performs, for the first time, in the hand bell choir. I think that would mean a guitar fingering chart is much useful. We will see how this goes. Her first handbell performance is on the 29th so I am hoping she will stay true to her promise.

This well-recommended chart for guitar learners is something I plan of getting.

At the end of the day, no matter how I force her to really consider learning to play the guitar more seriously, I can’t do anything else than just showing her my admiration and giving her my encouragement. Although I would really love her to learn how to play a lot of musical instruments, it is all up to her as to how much she can handle.


guitar fingering chart

Doing what I love first on day offs


Ever since I have started working at the hospital as a Nurse Tech, it has been hard for me to spend some time online, minding my virtual homes- my blogs. With school stuff to study in order to pass the tests, I would rather spend my spare time studying my books and doing a lot of extra effort to understand my lessons. However, this semester gave me a lighter schedule as I have decided to withdraw from the class I was enrolled in. So, what I love to do now during my day offs aside from household cleaning is going over my blog sites and writing paid articles, if there are available tasks to be written.

Sure enough, the advertisers are still available to keep me sane during my day offs. Of course, there is no question how I love spending fun times with my daughters but during my alone-time, it is so nice to see my dashboards filled with tasks to write and publish and then getting paid for it.

I must say, I am thakful I still renewed my domains for this year because it sure gives me sanity to be able to write. And write some more. And getting paid to do so.