Professional Recording Studio


Our Texas living is so far all fun and exciting. That’s because we have not been able to meet a whole lot of Filipinos here in Keene and we are truly blessed because everybody has been very nice and hospitable. Well, my daughter, who is into music, has found inspirations in many of our newly-met friends’ children and discovering from them that it is so okay to have a professional recording studio at our home is simply easy, my daughter is ecstatic with such idea. Finding the beat deal is what we are exploring online so that we will have options in advance in case we’ll decide to get a recording studio as well in the near future. The availability for the needed stuff is not a problem. What we will make sure will stay in its course is our daughter’s willingness to learn and continue her being inclined into music.


Cool it off!


What’s the best way to cool down during the super hot summer days? When you live in Texas, you have to have a pool to splash in whenever you feel like. Well, we don’t have one but thankfully, there are a lot of ready made pools that we can buy that is professionally built or made so that is what I bought a couple weeks ago as prices started to plunge down.

Fortunately, we have a spacious backyard so it is not a problem at all in finding a spot to install an above-ground pool. For a couple weeks now, the kids have been enjoying our 14 feet diameter above ground pool. Yay!

And so, summer is very beatable here at our end! Water is always perfect and a body of water is definitely sweet during the hot summery days!

How about you– how do you cool the summer off?