Kitchen Invasion: Triz makes Asparagus stir fry


I am one of the moms out there with girls who are such big helpers! For now, it is my firstborn who is into cooking, just like her mom! Whenever I prepare for stuff to cook, she’s always on the go, always quick to volunteer her ‘trying’hard’ skills as a chef. She loves baking and cooking session with me and it’s one of those many moments I treasure with and about her.

Here, she’s so eager to do the slicing of the asparagus that we’re trying to stir fry:

She is as inquisitive as ever when it comes to the how to’s and what nots. And she listens intently to everything I tell her to do. What a cool and efficient assistant, eh?

And of course, our output is, as always, yummy and healthy!

Taddaaaa! Our stir-fried asparagus just got done!

What’s your favorite asparagus menu?

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Absolutely Great Choices for Flower Girl Dresses


Let’s talk about weddings! Oh yeah, even though I didn’t have a grand one to boast, still, I love to talk about weddings! As to why that is, I think it is simply the woman in me that likes to talk about anything gorgeous, like wedding gowns and those beautiful dresses and accessories that the maid of honer, bride’s maids, and flower girls wear– you know what I mean? Wedding dresses, I think, transcends time and culture. Whatever culture a bride is, wherever in the world she lives, and whenever the wedding date is, what she wears is always one gorgeous and lovely outfit! Do you agree?

Another fashion looks that I like to talk about is that of the flower girl. Flower Girl Dresses come in many styles and designs that if I am to personally choose what I would want for my flower girls, it will really be confusing!

topwedding flower girl dresses
Flower girl dresses, anyone?

And what makes it confusing to me? The color is one! Because you see, a young girl looks lovely whatever color of dress she wears. I know it because I have two girls myself and I like dressing them up and whatever choice of color their dresses are, they always look beautiful to me. That may may sounds a bit bias, but really, a girl absolutely looks stunning and lovely in whatever design and style of a flower girl dress she wears.

I am hooked to looking at the many styles at and oh my dress! I feel like getting my two girls all of those in display even though there is no upcoming wedding that we are gonna be attending anytime soon. Oh well, if you have one– even if your girl is not really a part of the entourage, you might like to browse the site yourself and maybe find the one that you like for your little escort to wear.