New Guitar Strings


Our move last month was overwhelming. The packing alone was tedious and the transportation of our stuff was also very tiring. We moved by ourselves, without the use of a professional mover. We only used U-haul’s UBox service as it was what worked best for us. During the transporting of our goods, there wasn’t any major damage on our things but all the four guitars that we managed to put in the box are now needing new strings. The husband said it will be a perfect chance now to get those guitars the great strings that they deserved. Which I won’t argue, because these precious guitars we have really simply do deserved it now that they’re safe and settled in our new home.




I so love Tulips! I haven’t had the chance to roam around the UWSP ground to enjoy them while they were blooming along with the other gorgeous Spring flowers but when we drove to Chicago for a day last week, I was so happy to see a bunch of them.

These purple and pink ones were blooming in the Millennium Park:

Aren’t they lovely? They sure are!

Thus, I can’t blame you if you, too, love Tulips!